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Things To Know About Dog Training 0

Things To Know About Dog Training

If you are a dog owner already or have welcomed a new dog to your family, training the new family mates is highly essential. This is due to the factor as unsocial dogs are never the less entertained in any family and is also not liked by anyone. One must be aware of the various facets of the dog’s behavior pattern. Let us know few among so many.

  • The Decadence of The Dog: This is foremost important why so? Well we all know dogs are social animal they can be trained very easily, they often mix with other dogs and thus have an instinct of wolves to that is being packed up and curious as always. Well dogs do not consider humans as they are Dogs feel that we are a special kind of a dog like them somewhat. As humans dogs often have a routine style of practicing stuffs and can be rewarded with patting or with excited communication. Thus being a trainer yourself, you must prepare yourself as an alpha male from very beginning. You dog would sincerely and judiciously listen to you now.

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  • The Dog’s Remembrance: The dog lovers often think that their dogs have an amazing memory, but this ideology is completely incorrect. You might be very much surprised to know that dogs forget just like goldfishes. But one can see and feel that the dog can remember as because they catch the particular accent or vibration like Chocolate biscuit that is in kitchen shelf. If you repeatedly tell the word chocolate biscuit he/she would run to the kitchen but if you change the place the dog would go and stand inside the kitchen only without any movement as expected. Therefore if you want your dog to sit, then the word “sit” to be repeated several times with your own movements.
  • The Doggy Words: Well the trainer or the owner never ever can choose to speak a doggy communication right? But few selected words like “come here”, “sit down” etc when instructed with a stick then this becomes a command for the dog and then he/ she never confuses with other words. It’s just as we all feel with foreign language if not known. Well training and taming with a stick brings out amazing results, and please do not use single words like “Come” or “Sit” , instead use the full term so that your dog would not feel muddled up.
  • Behavioral Pattern: Here comes the option of knowing another baby in your family. This mean the dog is actually a baby even if his age is 10 to 15 years. They do not know how the world around us works. Only can smell and react to the same and also chew all stuffs to feel and understand. This behavior can be trained by interacting with them excitedly with shapes, colours, family photos etc and even time. Being an alpha male themselves they react and get trained very easily.

Consistency Advice

The owner must continue the training consistently by eliminating the bad habits and behavior and infusing the good ones just by mere repetition. Check out important books, journals and even online information sites that help many to know more about dog trainings. Never mind your bank balance for the new comer of your family.